Long Weekend

I’m so excited for the long weekend coming up.  You wanna know why?  Because I need a break!  I feel as tho I’ve been on the move or fighting fires for weeks now… It should have been a lovely Friday and Saturday night, when the kitty and I were supposed to be celebrating living in the new apartment for two weeks. (for him, two weeks was on Saturday).  Instead of celebrating, Mr. Fluffypants got really sick on Friday night and by Saturday morning he was really despondant and crying a lot… so I took him to the vet for some emergency blood tests and a shot of fluids under his fur so he didn’t get dehydrated.  We lolled around on the sofa for the rest of Saturday, with me waking him every hour to feed him so he didn’t get sicker… On Sunday the vet called to tell us that he had Pancreatitis and the warning signs for Fatty Liver Disease, which can be lethal for kitties.  So I went down to the vet hospital and picked up some pain killers and some oral anti-nauseants for him and then spent Sunday cuddling and feeding the little babe.
He seems to be doing much better now… he’s been eating and drinking like a champ and using the litter box and walking around investigating… I even got him somewhat interested in his favorite toy, altho he wasn’t interested enough to actually play. 
When I came home on Monday from my meeting, he managed to escape out the door and take himself on a ten second hallway adventure… I caught up to him and scooped him up before he got too far, but it was nice to see him interested in something other than laying on the sofa.
So, after spending a month packing, moving, and now this, we’re ready for a break in the action.  I’m hoping to paint the bedroom wall this weekend and get the chandelier fixed so it’s not sitting on it’s cart anymore…
Other than that, I have no real plans… I’d like to go for a walk in my neighborhood and generally relax… get a good nights sleep without worrying that the kitty is going to die in the night… not clean up barf from ten places in the house at once…. you know… chill

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