What your house does at night (or Why I’m not scared of my Living Room anymore)

All my life I’ve been afraid of my house at night time.  Well, let me clarify.  I believed that once you turned the television off and all the lights off and retreated to your bedroom, it was not appropriate to go anywhere in the house again until morning except your bedroom and the bathroom. 
What happened in your house at night… whatever parties the furniture threw and however drunk the ottoman got were none of your concern and certainly you weren’t invited.  That makes it sound funny, but in truth, for 33 years I’ve always remembered being scared of my house at night time.  Even if at some point I had to get up super early for work or a trip, I would make sure to use as little of the house as possible, lest I ‘interrupted’ something… (I’m fully aware I sound like a mental patient).
Well it occurred to me at 3am this morning (when the cat had a little fit and needed to have cuddles while he was sitting on his cat scratcher in the living room and NO WHERE ELSE!) that I’m not scared of my house.  I can go anywhere in the whole place at any time of the day or night and feel safe and comfortable.  I tried to think of reasons this might be and I came up with a few.  First, I’ve never lived somewhere that there’s a door to the outside and then a door to my apartment.  That means it’s twice as difficult for naredowells to get into my house.  Racoons can’t climb through the windows either, which is a bonus…
Reason #2 is that all the people in my building are wonderful.  Everyone is friendly and while they mostly seem to keep to themselves, there’s an air of common care.
Reason #3 is that the energy in my house feels comfortable.  It’s a safe, friendly, warm (even tho there’s no heat right now and it’s freezing!) place to be and there’s truly nothing to be scared of.  It’s bigger, which means that there’s less dark corners because everything is so much more spread out…
Anyway, it’s a nice feeling to not be afraid of your house… and while I’ll still respect the furniture’s personal time and I don’t expect to be invited to the parties, I feel that my whole house is mine at any hour… And the ottoman is in the bedroom now… getting drunk is no longer an option!

4 thoughts on “What your house does at night (or Why I’m not scared of my Living Room anymore)

  1. Are you sure the Ottoman stays there all night? Maybe he sneaks out after you've fallen asleep and parties with the china cabinet. And that's why Charlie keeps scratching at the wall above the china cabinet – he's trying to move the picture over so he can show you the big dent in the wall behind it, which was put there by the dishes that the Ottoman and the china cabinet were playing catch with. πŸ™‚

  2. LMAO! That's hilarious! perhaps I'll take a peek behind the picture when I get home and give the china cabinet and the ottoman a stern talking to!

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