Catching up

It’s a little late to do a weekend recap, but that’s not really going to stop me…
On Friday night I went with a friend and got a pedicure.  Can’t say I was totally thrilled with the service… it was kind of a quick and dirty thing, but I tried a new nailpolish… China Glaze.  It’s very nice and comes in some pretty awesome colors.  I didn’t catch the name of mine but I can only describe it as Neon Coral… after that we went and had a veggie burger at our fave spot and then I took the train/bus home.  I have to say, I feel so much more relaxed in my day to day life since I don’t drive as much.  Hopping on the train to get home after a long work day and a fun evening out was awesome.  I was so tired by that point that I was standing in the corner of the train with my eyes closed… pretty hard to do that in the drivers seat of a car…
On Saturday the fluffball got me up nice and early, which was fine because we had to get the house in tip top shape for our company.  My mom came over for the first time since the day I moved and I wanted the place to be spotless.  The funny thing is, it’s always spotless now.  Moving there has given me a renewed sense of pride and respect for my house (which disappeared some time ago in the old house) and I like to tidy and putter again!  After a quick tour we headed off to Ikea to look for some new furniture for my mom’s new place.  I grabbed a few little odds and ends and then it was back home to visit.  While we were sitting in the dining room, it occured to me that I hated my sofa… the back cushions were all discolored and wobbly from misuse (thanks to a certain someone that used to declare on a regular basis that he hated the sofa and therefore wasn’t going to take care of it).  So we took off the back cushions and used my collection of toss cushions to line the back of the sofa.  Sunday I went to Homesense and picked out a couple more to fill in and now my sofa is way more comfy, almost brand new looking and there’s no remnants of the olden days.  I even took the old cushion covers and cut the nice part of the fabric out and used it to line the cat bed… so his bed matches the sofa now 😉
This weekend my dad comes!  I’m so excited!  I haven’t seen him since April of last year and my head wasn’t in a great place then… We have no big plans except the family bbq on Saturday at my sister’s house and he wants to go to Golf Town.  We might also go out to Granville Island on Saturday morning and there’s a little hole in the wall restaurant that we went to together about 8 years ago that he wants to revisit… Three days of rest and relaxation and quality time.  Can’t wait!  I feel a little bad for my dad tho cause he lives in a house on a lake, miles from town… I live near the corner of one of Vancouver’s busiest intersections… his place is pitch black when the sun goes down… my place has a street light that shines right into the house.  I’ve decided that he’ll be happiest sleeping in the living room… furthest away from the street and has blackout drapes… the only thing is that the kitty has a bad habit of walking around the house at night meowing really loud… and there’s almost nothing I can do to make him stop… maybe I should give my dad earplugs 😉
Here’s a picture of the ‘new’ sofa…

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