What relaxation looks like

There are piles of toss cushions in the living room…
A sleeping bag, set of rumpled sheets and a few blankets are in a nest on the sofa…
Dirty wine glasses and rocks glasses litter the counter in the kitchen…
A mess?  No, I say!  An indication of the most relaxed and lovely time I’ve had in years!  I gave up my rules about shoes in the house and people sleeping on the sofa.  About doing dishes the second they’re dirty and fluffing the cushions the second they’re flat…
I napped on the sofa using a balled up fitted sheet as a pillow and the cat nestled in to a nest of blankets and sleeping bag.  There’s a bed pillow on the sofa (which is TOTALLY against the rules) and I have no desire to move it.
I’m high on the glow of spending three quality days with my dad… we walked and rode the bus and ate and drank (and drank and drank) and laughed our heads off… we made jokes and made fun of eachother… we talked about serious stuff… reminisced about the past, took a look into the future. We listened to live jazz and drank beers… laughing at the people around us… We were asleep early and up just as early…
We played with the kitty and laughed at his ridiculous antics
Every moment was divine and perfect.  I’m completely exhausted… not really used to having company for more than a few hours and not really used to having to be ‘on’ all the time so I’m tired and definitely will need a couple evenings of down time to recover, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I’m going to go home tonight and make a Smashbook page for all the little bits and pieces that we collected over our three days…
For now I will drink gallons of coffee and attempt to stay awake until it’s time to go home.


5 thoughts on “What relaxation looks like

  1. Yay! I'm glad you had such a good time! Go home and put your feet up tonight, and worry about the clean up later in the week! :)Why the rule about no bed pillows on the sofa? 😉

  2. I totally get the no bed pillows on the sofa thing. To take it one step further I don't allow bed pillows from one bed go to a different bed! They don't match and it looks sloppy!!! Gah!

  3. It is flop-house looking…..but it's also convenient and comfy. I just hideit away when the company comes! The couch's bed pillow also has a blanket. 😉

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