Cavemen Didn’t Eat Bagels

For years I was a prisoner to a bad and unpleasant relationship.
Even after it ended… for months of dealing with the emotions and fall out from being mistreated, I felt that my heart and soul were weak and damaged.
Now I realize that I’m keeping myself a prisoner in that old life… chaining myself to it… allowing it to be ever present in my physical appearance and wellbeing…
Everything comes with time… My friend Tara said on my blog many months ago that I should just keep doing what I’m doing and when it stops working for me, then and only then will I change it.  Well, it hasn’t been ‘working’ for me for some time… but everyone has their own tolerance for things that don’t work… Or how deeply their head is stuck in the sand.
My very astute and healthy plan of emotional self care has gone well… I moved into a new apartment, I’ve removed unnecessary stress from my life and now it’s time to get my physical wellbeing back in shape.  I already am removing toxic chemical laden cosmetics and body products from my regimen… No more of the ‘dirty dozen’… don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gone wild and thrown everything away, but the stuff that isn’t TOO bad gets used up and never replaced and the really awful stuff gets tossed.  If you want to learn more about this, go to THIS LINK.  And if you want a handy dandy wallet card for when you’re out and about shopping, download one here  
With that done, the next thing to consider was my diet.  I think what pushed me over the edge was how tired I am all the damn time and the weird skin condition that I am getting on my hands… which I suspect is from using so much hand sani now that I take the bus everywhere, but is probably not being helped by my diet.
I’m giving myself a gift of 30 days to try a new (to me, not in general) eating routine.  What I’m doing now isn’t working to make me feel like I’m caring for myself, and since I’m an adult, the only person that can take the lead on caring for me, is me. 
I’m not posting pictures or stats… but I will let you know what I’m doing and most importantly if it’s helping me to feel better or not.  I’m not alone on my journey as aforementioned Tara and my gorgeous Sister have been successful in this particular eating habit.  It’s not that complicated.  Cut out grains, don’t eat junk.  I believe the community calls it Paleo… I call it, Cavemen Didn’t Eat Bagels.
Stay tuned.
Oh and thanks for all the feedback about me being a responsible adult and not dragging home a new kitty… even a kitty as cute as Cheerio… it means a lot to me… 😦

2 thoughts on “Cavemen Didn’t Eat Bagels

  1. You. Will. Feel. Amazing! After you finish feeling like crap, that is. 😉 Anything that, once you eliminate it makes you feel horrible is something well worth eliminating to begin with. Two weeks, tops, and I really believe you’ll be fully on board with this, it becomes so natural that you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t do it!You’ll eat less and less often, you won’t be absolutely driven by food, “hangry” goes away, food obsession and anxiety goes away. Mental health moderates, mood fluctuations moderate, things don’t hurt like they (probably?) always do.Best of luck, I’m here for support/advice/tips/recipes. If you’re not thrilled with the results and general overall feeling when your 30 days is up, I’ll be absolutely shocked!

  2. Honestly, this was the best thing I've done for myself in a while. I hope you feel the same way once you're into it. Everything your sister says in her comment is true. It's a pretty amazing lifestyle and I think you will be great at it.And like your sister I too am here for support.

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