Faux (Recipe)

Sometimes faux means ‘kind of the same but not really as good as the real thing’.  In this case, faux means, ‘why would you ever yearn for the real thing again’.
Last night when I realized I had to pack lunch and dinner for today, I figured my pork loin on salad would be my dinner and I’d try and come up with something for lunch.
Enter the six portobello mushroom caps that I had on hand and a bag of spinach that had given me the ‘use me or toss me’ ultimatum.
Steam down the spinach, let it cool and squeeze out all the water.
Pop the stems out of your mushroom caps and chop finely.  Set aside.
Separate as many eggs from their yokes as mushroom caps (six caps, six eggs).  Mix the whites with a dash of coconut or almond milk and fork whip.  Squeeze in the juice of a quarter lemon. Add squeezed spinach, chopped mushroom stems and a blob of goat cheese (I’m not so much for measuring.).
Spoon spinach mixture onto mushroom caps and then create a small divot in the spinach and set the yoke of one egg onto each cap.
Sprinkle with seasalt and bake until spinach/egg mixture is set and mushrooms are soft.
Voila!  Faux Quiche!


2 thoughts on “Faux (Recipe)

  1. Is it faux quiche, or just crustless quiche? Good for you for making such a healthy dinner. We got home from the store about 9:30 and then had a super-healthy dinner of baba ganoush, pitas, and a beer… with a bowl of froot loops to finish! 🙂

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