So what happens when you are at home, bored, it’s thunder/lightening out like crazy for hours on end…

Well if you’re an artist, you create.  If you’re a fibre artist, you can also create… some things more beautiful than others.

First up is the beautiful.  In December when Sam and I went to San Francisco for Christmas we popped into a gorgeous little yarn store in Petaluma CA called Knitterly.  The staff there were gorgeous human beings and both of us loved it.  Sam, having been to numerous yarn stores with me (both local and not local) knows what a GOOD yarn store feels like and declared just the other day that Knitterly was such a nice store.  He also declared that Imaginknit in San Fran was horrible and that the staff were rude and it wasn’t a nice place… yup, pretty spot on!

Anyway, I bought some Alpaca lace yarn in Dark Gray, Light Gray and a Rust Orange.  My inspiration for the project came from our dusk drive through the California Redwood forest and as soon as I got home I cast on and started knitting.

The colors were beautiful, the shawl was amazing…  I steeked (cut in half) it, knotted the fringe and gave it a nice wash… and that’s when I realized that I didn’t plan it very well and the miles of stockinette stitch made the thing turn into a worm… It hibernated for a while before I decided to go to the local discount fabric store and find something to bind the edges with.  Success came in the form of a wool bias tape… My trustee sewing machine, a few million pins and an hour braiding the fringe and I finally have something I can wear.
It’s gorgeous (in my opinion) and now I”m planning to knit another… with a different edging so as to avoid the curling problem… It’s such a functional and lovely scarf… I’m planning a big trip next year to somewhere warm that also may have some dress requirements for women, so it will be nice to have a wide light weight wrap to cover up with if necessary… Thinking of maybe knitting it in linen but not sure if my poor hands can take that…

The other ‘thing’ I made is not as nice… not at all… but it’s funny… to me.
I decided since my iphone case broke that I needed another cozy for it… The last cozy I had met it’s fateful demise when it spent 24 hours in a gutter being run over.  I thought I’d saved it but it unravelled….
So I made a new one… and then ‘decorated’ it.  Everyone who’s seen it says it’s the ugliest thing they’ve ever seen.  I find it funny because I know I can make beautiful things… I just chose not to this time…


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