The Sixth Seat

I was originally going to post some pictures of a nice outing that Sam and I went on last night, and I still will, but something more exciting…

If you live in the Vancouver area, you may have seen a crazy woman carrying a chair down the street in the 24 degree (around 75F) heat this afternoon… That was me.  I was on a walkthrough of a VERY shitty old building on our campus and stumbled across this beautiful chair.  Since the area is pretty much condemmed anyway, this chair was sitting around doing nothing but getting a bit dirty…

So I picked it up and humped it down the street.  It’s not much to look at in photos but I’m pretty sure its teakwood and with a light sanding and new vinyl upholstery, it’s going to be the belle of the table ball AND look amazing in the corner with my antique stainless steel medical cart.

Now, last night, Sam and I went to Iona Point in Richmond. It’s a park (provincial maybe?) that has a jetty you can walk on that sticks 4KM out into the ocean.  We didn’t walk it as we got there pretty late and we were having way too much fun fooling around with the blackberry bushes…


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