Nesting and how there’s more to life than food

When I went home last night I realized that I hadn’t taken anything out of the fridge for dinner, I didn’t care about dinner and I wanted to go shopping.  I watched a pvr’d version of Dr. Phil while laying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and then I put some clothes on and headed out to Costco.
On the way out the door I ran into the neighbor that lives across the hall and has actually seen my cat because one of the days that the kitty was really sick, he escaped out into the hallway.  On that day, neighbor told me that he had a kitty that looked JUST like Charlie Fluffypants but that his Tigger had passed in March.  So sad!  So when I saw him in the laundry room on my way out the door I took a deep breath and asked him if he was going to be around for Christmas because Mr. Fluffypants needed a babysitter.  He was fantastic and said that yes he was probably going to be around but that if he wasn’t for a day, Don, our upstairs neighbor and Neil (across the hall neighbor)’s best friend would be home and between them, they’d make sure my furbaby was taken care of!  He also exclaimed how cute he thought Charlie was and I was sold that it was the best plan to keep Charlie at home and let the neighbors fuss over him for a few days.
Anyway, once I was done my Costco trip in which I bought Shrimp Cocktail, ground beef to make curried meatballs and Mexican Pasta Sauce and chicken wings to make… well, chicken wings (which I think should be a food group unto itself and one of my FAVORITE  things to eat ever!), I came home.
I sat on the sofa for the remainder of the evening and worked through my Goals book.  If you don’t know, every year I write down my goals in categories of Family, Friends, Relationships, Financial, Education, Health and Beauty, Home and Outrageous.  Usually I go through the list quarterly to see how I’m doing but I was a bit busy this year and until last night had completely forgotten that I’d even done it.
I crossed off a LOT of things… Things like ‘spend a week with Dad’… I crossed that off because even tho it hasn’t happened yet, the plane ticket is booked.  Things like ‘Pay Tax Arrears by end of year’, ‘move to a 2 bedroom apartment’, …  There are obviously a lot of things still left on the list and some which it is clear won’t be completed by the end of the year.  And that is OK.  Some will be carried forward to next year, some will be evaluated for usefullness based on what I feel is going on next year and some will be ditched because they’re either no longer a priority or they’ve changed, or they don’t count now because something has changed (like buy a new bbq for bunker… no more bunker, no need for bbq).
The second thing I did with that Goal book was to make a second section at the end of every category labelled Oct-Dec.  I took the goals I thought I could complete or the ones I wanted to focus on in the last quarter of the year and re-wrote them under that heading.  I also added new ones or modified existing ones.  That’s the nice thing about goals… you can change them as your life changes.
When I was done I put my pen down and my book down and went to bed… and as I was getting comfy and cozy I realized that not a single one of those goals and thoughts had to do with food.
Food has gotten the better of me in the past and it was well on it’s way to getting the better of me just recently.  Food, in my opinion, is to nourish your body.  People and goals and sunshine and kittens and puppies nourish your soul.  That’s the way it is for me… and from now until December, my one and only food related goal will be to remember this.

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