Well then…

Fall has arrived… and by ‘fall’ I mean the part of fall that feels like winter here in Vancouver and it’s started to rain.  I’m told that the rain won’t last for long and that we’re to have a mild, dry winter.  Let’s hope so because it’s raining today for the first day in months and I don’t like it!

Last night I made spicy meatballs in a soup-ish sauce and Curry Fish Stew… Normally when I come on here and say that I made things, I share the recipe and gloat a little bit that while I don’t enjoy cooking and I’m not all that ‘cheffy’, I can come up with some pretty yummy things with nary a cookbook in sight.

I will suffice it to say that I was not entirely successful last night and there are some inedible things in the house right now that I’m hoping Mr. Fluffypants takes upon himself to dispose of while I’m at work (I’m sure I’ll be disappointed and he’ll just snooze on the bed until I get home to take care of it!)

So, since it’s fall and my apartment doesn’t have any heat, and after spending a few nights on the sofa, looking like this,

and like this, 

 I took some twitterly advice and took myself down to Costco to buy a Parabolic heater.  For the suggested $40 it seemed like a good idea… Well when I got there the heater was actually $65 and the box said it heats ‘you’ but not the air… Not exactly what I was looking for and to be honest, with tax and environmental fee, that little heater would have been almost $75!  So I wandered through the store and stumbled down the blankie aisle… and for $12.99 bought myself a twin bed sized sherpa and microfibre blanket.  It’s big enough to cover me from tippy toe to tippy top of my head when I’m laying on the sofa and it’s as soft as a cloud.  Obviously that won’t heat up the air either, but it was $13 and that’ll have to do for now.

Last weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada.  Normally a huge dinner is had with family and friends but that’s not quite how it worked out for me this year, altho I’m certainly not complaining!
On Saturday my friend and I had a little studio time and we stopped at a butcher and liquor store before arriving to get a snack.

She worked on cleaning up a mess we made last time we were there and I worked on making myself a wreath for my door.  Back in my younger days I made quite a few wreaths… Most of them have been given away so I thought it would be nice for my door to have a seasonal decoration.  The neighbors I’ve spoken to have really really liked it and I think it’s been well received.  Except for the crazy guy that lives upstairs that makes rude face and hand gestures toward it everytime he walks by..

On Sunday evening, the more popular day for the big Thanksgiving Feast, I made salt and pepper chicken wings and sliced tomatoes with bacon seasalt.  I was cozied up on the sofa with my knitting and my kitty and some tea.  Not a bad way to spend Thanksgiving.  I felt very thankful!

Last weekend I started and finished a little hat out of scraps for myself.  It was touch and go for a few minutes and I think at one point I was actually just knitting the idea of yarn and not actual yarn, but in the end it turned out cute…

It’s a sock monkey ‘inspired’ hat but I’ve been told it would be more effective with a pompom.  Since the only thing I have left from the scraps is the yarn fumes, there will be no pom pom… maybe next time.

After I finished this last item a week ago, the only thing I could think of to knit was another one in a different yarn.  I tried everything to find a new project, but the only way around being obsessed with something is through it, so I went and got myself a little ball of sunshine and started knitting.  I wish it was done today… all this rain already and I need a little sunshine wrapped around my neck!

The other thing I’m making is my Christmas Hat.  Normally I make myself a Birthday hat every year but I’m probably going to be pretty busy around that time this year, so I figured I’d take a different route.
I had to start early because it’s tiny yarn on tiny needles and it’s going to take a while but I already love it!
You can see the yarn in the picture with the chicken wings and yes, it is sparkly.  The yarn is woven with a strand of real sterling silver… very cool!  The hat is going to be a double thickness and reversible… it’ll be this glittery red on one side and on the other side i’m going to stripe in some cream so it is remeniscent of… a CANDY CANE!  What better Christmas hat than that!

And finally, altho it seems like ‘no big deal’, Charlie seems to be more interested in actual snuggling now… not lap snuggling, but normally he doesn’t make much of an effort to touch me unless he’s whapping me with his eagle talons.. so this is a big step! It could be because it’s about -10 in the apartment…

That’s about it.  I’m hoping to go to KnitCity this weekend with a friend but if she bails, I’ll just go on my own…
For those of you in Vancouver (and surrounding area) who have not heard of it, this is Vancouver’s very first Fibre Festival!
Here’s the info!

Feel free to wander over to another blog that I contribute to with my sister.  It’s one that we both post to; pictures, recipes, anecdotes.  Anything light and fun that maybe doesn’t quite fit on our regular blogs.  Go see Half A Pear

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