Whole 30 ahoy!

I hope you’ll forgive my absence over the last little while. Lately I’ve been in a state of change, mentally, spiritually and physically and although I’ve written many posts, none seemed fitting to put up so I deleted them.
Why is today different then? Well I wanted to share what I’ve started. Back in around August of last year I gave up wheat and grains along with junk food in order to see if it helped clear up my skin condition and help me feel better. It did… by leaps and bounds! I was very good with it for a while and then started letting things like potato chips and ice cream back in…It’s taken me almost this long to realize that I’m an all or nothing kind of person… as in eat ALL the chips or none… Knowing that, I decided that the best way to start fresh was to do a cleanse… so I looked online and all the ones I found went against everything that I believe. Take pills, drink juice, starve yourself. None of those things felt like the right way to go and then I remembered Whole30.
It’s not exactly a cleanse in the strict sense of the internet word… but the idea is that you remove all sugar (even the hidden ones and the ones that disguise themselves using other names), all dairy, all chemicals and all grains, legumes, corn and soy.
You don’t get to weigh or measure yourself for the 30 days, which is okay with me and besides, my scale is out of batteries. I, like a great many people I know who have done this, am more interested in the non-measurable results. Will my skin clear up. Will I sleep better… will my digestive system stop hating me and doing mean things to punish me. Will I want to adopt this as a way of life going forward. Those are the things I’m looking forward to. If my pants fit better at the end, then that’s a bonus.
Anyway, today is day 2. I know a lot of people document and photograph their food for the duration of their W30… I’m not that person. But I am committed to this and I am going to go the whole 30 days… no cheats, no whining, no complaining. Because I think I owe this to myself… My life is changing in so many ways at what feels like a breakneck pace and what better time than in the depths of change to make depths of change?
I was going to say wish me luck, but I don’t need luck. I guess if you want to wish me something… wish success…