New Home!

I’m just unpacking my bags here right now in my new WordPress home and hope to get things all straightened out and as neat and tidy as I like them by the end of the evening!

I’m on a journey of sorts lately and even tho I moved over here for practical reasons, it seems that a new home and a new outlook may be just what I needed!

My last post on Blogger, which I brought over here with me just below here was about flailing around in the dirt and generally making a fool out of myself.  Now, at least no one saw that mess but me, but I’m not really interested in making that sort of mistake again.

I would tell anyone that I talked to that fear is no reason to stay in one place, getting stagnant and old… it’s true, I’m scared… terrified I think is the word I used yesterday. I wouldn’t say that this is a won battle, but I gained some power toward it today from some rather unlikely sources and a good internet friend (Hi StrongbyChoice!) I will keep fighting, keep trying and keep going… because there is really no alternative. And lucky for me, I have God on my side… I mean, really, what’s fear when you have God….

Thanks for joining me over here on WordPress… I think I like my new home 🙂

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