Okay! I’ve learned this one!

So since it’s starting to get summer-ish here, I’ve started thinking eating fruit with my dinner is a good idea… I actually enjoy a snack of grapes with plantain chips (if you’ve never had plantain chips, you’re missing out!!).

When I undertook my first W30, I had a variety of things that were going on in my body that I didn’t like… I didn’t have great digestion, my skin wasn’t the best it could be and I was itchy all the time. I thought the itching came from dairy so I was very excited to get on the W30 and see if my restless legs at night and my itching would go away. It did about half way through the W30 so I thought I’d nailed it. And then one evening I ate dates. And that night all my old symptoms of itching and restless legs came back. So I ascertained that it was sugar that was doing it to me.

You know that old saying a lesson is taught until it’s learned? Ya, well I learned it good last night… thanks to that snack of grapes I’ve been loving. I woke up a few times last night with this searing pain in my leg but was really sleepy and thought that it was nothing… When I woke up this am, I looked down at my leg and found a 3” long and 1” wide open gash on my leg… It looks like a cross between really bad road rash and what would happen if someone held an iron to your skin. And it’s incredibly painful!

What I know is that I did that to myself in my sleep because I must have been so itchy I attacked myself. I have now learned this lesson once and for all and that lesson is that sugar has no place in my diet. Not from fruit, not from candy (obv) and not from ice cream and cakes and cookies. This gash is so painful it hurts to walk and I had to go across the street from work and buy first aid items for it because it’s a pretty big open wound I’m actually worried about it getting infected.

It’s unfortunate that it takes me mauling myself in my sleep to learn a lesson about what I can and can’t put in my body but I guess whatever gets me to that point… I’m there now…

I did look to see if there’s any research that supports sugar causing itching and the only thing I can come up with is that diabetics experience it… however I’m not diabetic or anywhere near diabetic so that wasn’t helpful.   I was also going to post a picture of my wound but it’s yucky… and no one needs yucky!

4 thoughts on “Okay! I’ve learned this one!

  1. Plantain chips are to die for! I had them in Mexico but I didn’t know you could get them here! Where did you find them? I will now be on the lookout!

    • I bought them at Richmond Country Farms but I think you can get them at Whole Foods and probably Choices Market or Nesters. Altho! If you go down to TraderJoe’s, theirs are the BEST and the cheapest!
      Try plantain chips with an apple (or grapes) and a bit of almond butter. Seriously decadent!

  2. Hmmm, I have itching, rashes and bloating from sugary things and from wheat products. My symptoms are not as severe as yours though. I also have googled and read and searched for magic answers online without finding anything conclusive. From trial and error, I have determined I can eat blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Maybe you can, too???

    If I discover more, I’ll be writing about it on my blog. I hope you will, too. Maybe we’ll be able to share and solve this mystery.

    Hope you heal quickly from that gash.

    • I’m quite happy to leave anything sugar containing out of my diet for now, including berries… this gash is seriously trying to tell me something!

      I’m hoping that the slash and burn technique of removing anything that has sugar including fruit will help me out…

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