The self imposed ban is OVER!

So back in March I wrote a little goodbye letter to knitting and put all of my toys away… After years of having stitch markers litter the coffee table (and the night stand, and the kitchen counter) and always having something on the needles somewhere, I put everything away… cleaned it all up and out of sight, out of mind.

It was intentional.  I felt very strongly that I was using knitting to protect myself from the world, to ensure that I never had to sit alone with my thoughts… to identify with something external so I didn’t have to do work internally. 

When I packed it all up back in March, I didn’t know how long it would stay packed up.  I’d read of people who used to be prolific knitters… ten or twenty years ago… I knew I didn’t want it to be a decade or more… I knew that wouldn’t happen.  But I didn’t put a timeline on it because as with everything I have undertaken to accomplish in the last six months, it was all to be organic and done by feeling… Everything in the last six months has been done to make myself feel good inside… to heal the inside… and I’ve put no timeline on any of it. 

Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking at sweater patterns… logging back into the knitting community online and thinking about getting back into knitting when the weather cools down…

Yesterday it rained… hard!  And sideways… I know it was sideways because there was a great pool of water on the floor under my windows when I woke up…

After I went for a run, showered, ate, went for another walk and then had a nap, I went to my office/craft/junk/2nd room and pulled out a partially worked on shawl that I bought the yarn for on my Arizona vacation…. Just a month or less before everything fell apart… It had been cast on ages ago and I knit on it off and on… I never really got into it, altho it’s very pretty.  Well, since it was already cast on, a simple and mindless pattern and available, it was what I picked up yesterday… And I’m now officially a knitter again!  I loved it!  It took me one row to get back into being as good and fast as I used to be and I enjoyed every minute of it.  In a way that I don’t think I could have if I hadn’t put it away this spring. 

I have the yarn and the pattern for the sweater I’m making… Two good friends of mine and I are going to knit sweaters this fall together when it cools off… I’m so looking forward to finally having people to knit with that are good company again!

3 thoughts on “The self imposed ban is OVER!

  1. It will be interesting to see if your knitting preferences, styles, tastes have changed at all since everything else about you has.

    I know that many of the things I used to do/enjoy before my Whole30 days are different now since I’m different. Will be interesteing to see if knitting has changed for you at all.

    • Ya, I’m interested too! I know for sure that when I finally get a few minutes, I’m going to pull out the ingredients for my sweater… that’ll be a huge change… not so much interested in knitting the accessories as I am in making proper garments…

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