Let’s be Real

So after 2 false starts of W30, I’m now officially on my 2nd day.  I did my first day three times… the first two of those times were great, right up until the evening when I sort of fell apart and found some left over Christmas chocolate in my house.  Having done a good job of consuming all of that, and also finding the skin on my hands getting worse and worse, I buckled down yesterday and successfully put the first day in the bank.

I’ll tell you something, cleaning up your act after three weeks of silliness is not easy!  It’s incredible how quickly your body becomes dependant on those nasty little things like sugar, grains and sugar…

For almost an entire year I ate as close to W30 as possible with weekly offroading days thrown in.  There was never enough in any one off road meal per week to bounce me into a dependency… so when I went completely bananas in December and ate and drank whatever was in front of me, I naively thought that I would be fine and I could just turn off the switch and go back to my clean living with no adverse side effects.  That is certainly not how it happened and I am currently fighting the ‘are you hungry, no you’re not, you don’t need to eat’ battle.  I think that our bodies have ‘muscle memory’ as far as food goes and I don’t think I will get a very bad case of Low Carb Flu or really be in this battle for very long… the long term positives that I already know about far outweigh any short term struggle to get back on track. 

I see no reason to lie about how easy detoxing after a free for all isn’t… or hide the fact that I had to do my 1st day three times in order to be successful.  That’s real life and anyone that tells you otherwise is lying.  That said, this idea of real and honest is the driving force of a new project I am a part of. 

My sister came up with the idea that there are probably a lot of women just like us out there, struggling to maintain balance between health, fitness and real life.  She found a group of us that are all taking different journeys in order to find our balance and we will be coming to you daily to share 90 second of our Real.  90 seconds of our struggles, successes, failures, hopes and dreams.  Every weekday a new 90 second (is) vlog from one of the contributors will be posted to hopefully help motivate, inspire and encourage you.  Every day you’ll see one of us being real about life and we hope that it inspires you to be real about where you are at and where you’re going. 

Please come and visit us at www.90secondsofreal.wordpress.com.  I will be posting there on Thursdays.  We’ve got three videos up with an expected four more this week as we get into the swing of it and get back into a routine after the holidays! 

You can subscribe to us (and to this blog if you’re not already), so you get an email when a new video is posted and we hope you participate with us in the comment section!

7 thoughts on “Let’s be Real

  1. It is NOT easy. It is a constant mental conversation….for awhile. It seems endless…but it does eventually end. I wish that we (you, me, whomever) could remember the angst of having to right the ship each time we choose to allow the ship to plow into whatever island made of chocolate and booze it’s heading for. It’s so, Not Worth It!

    Good job on starting, starting again and then finally starting for real!

    I’m not experiencing the “are you hungry” question, (I haven’t felt hunger in DAYS) but the pissy rage that I’m currently experiencing regarding NOT being able to gorge myself on chocolate almonds when I get home…well….that has nothing to do with hunger and every bit to do with idiocy. And…I think? The fact that we’re even in this position of righting the ship is something worth being pissed off about.

    • It’s funny because I don’t actually feel badly about having done this damage in the first place. It was my first Christmas with my family and with the feeling of being happy and letting myself off the hook for a few weeks to ‘live a little’ was quite nice. Yes, all the side effects aren’t but I don’t feel like I missed out on anything and that’s something I used to always feel after Christmas… likely because I had missed out… for years… on everything… this year was a nice change to not having to feel that. In the future, will I go on an endless rampage of chocolate, cookies and booze? No… probably not… or maybe… I have no idea… what I do know is that I know that every decision I made this year to consume was a decision I made… not a robotic impulse. That’s saying something 🙂

  2. I know that I am going to take a beating once the steady stream of wine is abruptly cut off from my bloodstream and I have to stop wandering to the fridge every hour to nibble. I am both looking very forward and simultaneously terrified of the first week of January when I am adjusting to no longer being in a free-for-all.

    Like you, I don’t feel bad for doing this though. I had some fun, relaxing and pleasurable times which, for me and my “domestic circumstances” can be difficult to come by. Being able to unwind and just not care for a while has been nice. Although, I know there is a price to pay for it and payment is coming due very quickly.

    Glad I have you girls to commiserate with and lean on and support. As always it’s nice to have other women who are REAL and can relate.

    And yes, good job starting over, however many times it takes. Keep going.


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