Delinquency is not really an option here…

Do you know what’s annoying? Making a life choice that stinks.  Oh sure, my life doesn’t stink and the choices that I’ve made probably don’t really stink either. But it’s really annoying when you put restrictions and boundaries in place for yourself and then they come back to cause you trouble.

What the heck am I talking about?  Why food, of course!

In the good old days of not caring what I put into my body, I could spend an entire Sunday laying on the sofa and not give a flying rat butt about the next day’s meal, let alone week.  I could always just run to the store and grab a bag of bagels and a hunk of cheddar cheese and that was dinner.  Breakfast wasn’t even on my radar unless it was a muffin… with chocolate in it!  And lunch could be anything or nothing… I’d eat a brownie for an afternoon snack if I was hungry…

Since I’ve put restrictions on myself that include not eating brownies and chocolate filled muffins (seriously!) and not skipping meals, it’s made my life harder.  What’s that about?  I thought we were supposed to do things in our lives that made them easier… more navigable… work smarter, not harder…

I can no longer spend an entire morning and afternoon lolling around in bed taking naps… I mean, I can, but the chicken is not going to cook itself…the salad dressing will not blend itself and the kale and eggs can’t steam/cook themselves.  And before any of that even happens, I’m required to spend a significant amount of time THINKING about food… what will I eat… How much should I cook.  I’m only one person, so cooking huge batches of anything doesn’t really work well unless I want to eat the same thing for dinner 12 days in a row.  Even cooking a pork roast… the smallest one I can find, means that I’ll be eating pork all week.  Last week I prepped/made pork roast, a chicken curry and meatza crusts for dinner.  Uh, for one person, that is a LOT of food… the crust and the curry all ended up in the freezer. I might have to consider looking up what other singles do because unless I just eat the same thing/two things in a week, which I already do for every breakfast and lunch, it’s kind of hard…

I did spend almost all of yesterday in bed.  I know when my body is tired and I am not out of the woods of this incredibly emotional time right now so I didn’t feel bad about it.  It’s just that it’s kind of stressful knowing that the freedom of eating whatever you want (or nothing) is not there… I have set up my life to force responsibility around certain things and that can’t be let to slide…

I’m very tired and I hope any of this makes any sense… In a nut shell: 

I’m tired.

I can’t eat bagels and cheddar cheese.

Food won’t cook itself.

That is sometimes stressful.

This makes me tired.

The end.


6 thoughts on “Delinquency is not really an option here…

  1. LOL at the end of your post!

    As a person who was sick all weekend and who still had to do all the things, I completely understand. Completely! It doesn’t feel good to lay around all weekend….you think it’s going to but in reality it just feels kind of sad. There’s def something to be said for getting all the things done, pushing through….and then having some quality downtime!

    As far as the cooking…..for you, I would think you may want to move away from recipes and towards hot plates…..or repeat-meat as I like to call it. Cook nine thighs (3 meals), 3 pounds of Ground beef (6 meals+) and then chop a bushel of different veggies. Then you can have different seasonings and combos and if you add in eggs as well, it’s limitless and you don’t have to eat the same thing forever. Freeze cooked pork, already chopped or shredded (lay flat on cookie sheet, freeze and then bag).

  2. Last Thursday I had an unexpected afternoon dentist appt which was quite painful and left me tired and sore and with a half frozen mouth for hours to come. So because I am the only person who cares what we eat, nothing was planned for dinner. How I LONGED for the option of ordering in a pizza, or even so much as having simple toast!! But the life I have chosen has totally take those easy options away and that is sometimes very sad indeed.

    • When I’m being rational about it, I know that even tho the ‘easy way out’ is not an option, I also know that I wont’ have a tummy ache for three days and the likliehood of bouncing out of whatever day long (or longer) funk I’m in is much more likely if I choose the harder way… for it is not really harder in the grand scheme of things… but ordering food certainly would be a nice treat some days!

    • Yes, frozen bits are a great idea and I do have them… but a microwave is not something I can claim ownership of so unless I plan for the frozen things, they’re of little use to me…

      • I don’t like the EMF’s that are transmitted by microwaves, so I defrost in warm water and re-heat on the stove. I don’t always plan ahead either, 😉

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