Hold my Hand

My sister and I are doing a 5 KM ‘fun run’ on Sunday.

It’s kind of a big deal you see.

We have never in our lives (that I can remember from the time we were 15… which is a long time ago but please don’t do the math!) been in the same place health and fitness wise as each other.

When I’ve been in shape and in a healthy frame of mind, she has not.  When she made her move to improve her life and her health/fitness, I was going down the path of self-destruction… a path I went a loooong way down.

Now, here in our 35th year, we are finally in a place in life where we are walking down the same road in the same direction… near about the same spot on the road even.  If you’re picturing that road, we’re so close to each other we could reach out and hold hands.

So on Sunday, when we run this race together, I plan to hold her hand as we cross the finish line.  We’ve worked very hard and waited a long time for the chance to do that.

Wish us luck!


3 thoughts on “Hold my Hand

  1. Damn you, now I’m all teary!

    We did do one run together….I think in March of 2008….it was the Harry Rosen 8k and I am pretty sure that was the only other time we were near each other in health or fitness…..and at that time we were both VERY far away from where we are now.

    I’ll dig the picture out tonight so that we can get a do-over on Sunday for comparison!

    • Ya, I remember doing that but I don’t think we ran it together… I recall for some reason I was very slow… like I had been sick or something because I was still in bootcamp at the time. Anyway, this Sunday will be fantastic! Love you!

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