Dear Scale

Dear Scale;

Every morning I climb out of bed and touch my bed warmed bare toes to your cold hard glass… sometimes I go to the bathroom and then come back and do it again… that’s not healthy dude…

You give me the same number every day, regardless of what I’ve been doing/eating/not eating/not doing.

There are so many indicators of health and fitness that you seem blind to… do you even care how I sleep?  How my skin looks?  Whether my pants are looser and my eyes are brighter?  No, I know you don’t.  You only care about the density of whatever is standing on your cold glass.

I’ve gotten smaller and leaner and fitter in the last few months and you still seem to be stuck on the ‘number’.  Well I’m going to make this very easy for both of us.  I don’t care about your number.  I don’t ever want to put my toasty toes on your cold surface ever again!

I was going to wait until February 24th to break up with you… that’ll be a year since I started my health and fitness journey and a year since I was a LOT bigger than I am now.

But I’ve decided, much like when I decided to start my first Whole30, that if you want to do something and you can’t just ‘start today’ doing it, you’re probably not ready.  So because I am absolutely ready, I’m going to start today.

Also, here’s a little secret history about you… I stole you.  From someone I greatly dislike now.  Which means that you are bad karma to have in my house anyway!

See you later!


12 thoughts on “Dear Scale

      • It was in the linen closet for a long time…then in December I had it out and was standing on it once a week…and then in January when I decided that I wouldn’t stand on it….well….it’s still sitting there….haven’t put it away yet. I’m not going to throw it away.

      • I’m going to see if I can donate mine to hosp. Some cardiac patients are supposed to weigh every day to confirm fluid retention or something. Lots don’t have a scale…

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  1. The best thing I ever did for myself was to stop stepping on the scale. I am so much happier and at peace with myself without relying on that number to tell me if I am allowed to be happy. Good for you. Great choice.

    • That’s where I’m at! I’m happy with how my body is changing and behaving but according to the scale, I’ve ‘plateau’d’. Lol! Nope but thanks jerk scale. You’re out of here!!!
      Thanks for the visit!!

  2. I’m planning a restart shortly and was thinking about how to measure. We have a scale still but I refuse to use it. Since I was a teenager I’ve dreamed about weighing something in the 100-teens. Like if I weighed 115, then I’d be perfect. I will never, ever weigh that number. Don’t want to. Regardless and sadly, seeing anything else just sends me into depression. I’m going to measure my upper arms and thighs instead.

    • I sometimes wonder where we get the numbers from that we hang on to… When I was younger I always thought that 140 would be a good number… well I guess if I wasn’t almost 6′ tall and I didn’t need half the bones in my body… otherwise, not gonna happen.
      I think the best tool for measurement is either actual measurements, or actually concerning yourself more with whether you are doing the best for your body at the time… if you exersise when you want/feel/need to and you eat good wholesome real food, then is a measurement even necessary? Sure, it’s fun to see the results of your hard work but you get to celebrate the results of your hard work every day that you feel your best and that you feel that you are doing everything you can to invest in yourself.

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