About Me

My name is Sugarcube*. I live in a lovely city in Western Canada and I love it here… even when it’s raining.

I’m a single girl on a mission to improve my state of mind, my state of body, my relationship with God and my immediate environment.  I try to make healthy choices about what I put in (W30 FTW) and on (no SLS thanks!) my body and I’ve been making a concerted effort to monitor what my output is in terms of speech and language.  One word can make or break a stranger’s day!

My journey over the past couple of years has been very trying but I refuse to let it slow me down or stop me from getting to where I want to be.  The sticky wicket there is that I don’t know where that is… I’m trusting in God to lead me there tho because Lord knows (He does!) that I did a crap-awful job leading myself…

If you read back in the archives (which, unless you have HOURS, I don’t recommend) you’ll see chapters of life as they happened.  I don’t know what this chapter is going to look like but I’m trying my best to live every minute of it in the moment!

Thanks for visiting!  Be sure to sign up for email updates (no spam, I promise!) and leave comments and questions… This isn’t only a space for me, it’s a space for us!

*not my real name… you must have thought my parents were insane!October

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