Not bad for 36 hours…

In the last… oh, lets say 36 hours, I’ve logged 9.6 miles in a combination of walking and running…

I went for a run on Sunday… I woke up to find it raining and very cool outside and as I had languished in bed and on the sofa in an attempt to get rid of a ripping multiple day headache to no avail, I figured that going for a run in the rain, as suggested on Twitter by Tara was the next remedy to try… I also figured that if it didn’t make me feel better, it wouldn’t make me feel worse so I wasn’t in a position to lose anything by going.

I don’t think I broke any land speed records for my time… I ended up accidentally turning off the timer halfway through… I was ticked that I turned the timer off… and then I realized that altho I like to know my time and I like to improve on it, sometimes being out there, running in a downpour with a ripping headache isn’t about the time, it’s about the effort. 

Yesterday I headed downtown and went for a long walk with a friend.  We took a cab into Stanley Park and then headed out toward the Lion’s Gate Bridge. The plan was originally to walk to the bridge and then turn around and walk back as we were hoping to stay on the shady side. By the time we got to the bridge the sun was going down and altho it was still incredibly hot, we decided to walk on the sunny side for a while… Friend isn’t crazy about being so warm so we were both very surprised that we managed to keep going… We were glad we did because we happened upon the Brahm Tam’s Stanley Park drum circle.  It was kind of cool and we stood and watched for a bit before continuing on…(the video is someone else’s but that was exactly when we were there) and then happened upon the bit of beach that the rock stacker guy does his magic… and then on past the ‘In the Park After Dark’ location where they were showing Dirty Dancing.  I LOVE that movie… we didn’t stop tho… we kept going, stopped for a bottle of water and a snack of a slice of pizza and the icing off the top of a cupcake (It worked out perfectly… I like the icing and he likes the cake…)

We strolled through the residential areas of the West End on the way back to my bus stop and ended up logging a total of 7.1 miles.  It took us about four hours all told between walking, stopping to gawk around and take a pic or two, eating and then wandering back. Next week we’re going to start further back in the park so we go around the entire thing… Should end up adding a couple miles to the total, which is fine by me! 

Besides having just a really nice time, I couldn’t help but think to myself that this was my reward.  All my hard work and sacrifice (hello, running in the rain isn’t as romantic as you think!) thus far has paid off and a 7 mile walk isn’t really all that big of a deal… I mean it’s not a ‘deal’ at all… it’s a nothing… the thoughts going through my head when the idea was proposed to me was ‘what cute top should I wear’ and ‘should I bring a hoodie’.  It wasn’t ‘can I make it’, ‘will I be sweaty or out of breath’ or anything of that nature… All my cognitive effort the entire time was on laughing and telling/listening to stories and being silly.  I acted out a whole portion of the Friends episode where Rachel and Phoebe go running (linked here for you… v funny!) 

As I continue on in my journey for health and wellbeing, both for my mind and my body, I’m enjoying taking more ownership of who I am…

I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the excuses that I’ve made for myself in the past… in a probably useless effort to try and convince people around me that I wasn’t a train wreck.  (Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think every overweight person is a train wreck… but my weight issues came from trainwreck worthy things and this is my blog and I’m talking about me.) 

Ownership of who you are means that you don’t make excuses… you’re just who you are, both good and bad.  It’s difficult to explain and I don’t think I’m having an eloquent enough day to try and explain it but it’s a very freeing feeling. 

So, to sum up.  I’ve logged almost 10 intentional exercise miles in 36 hours, walking on the seawall is fun, I like my friend and I own who I am, both good and not so good.  Not bad for 36 hours!

Here’s a pic from about halfway… just to the left out of frame would be Siwash Rock (for those in the know).

Siwash Rock

A Weekend Plan

The last time I checked in, I was covered in a rash from my coffee routine… it took less than four days of no preservative for the rash to clear up entirely… I’m much happier now and will be incredibly diligent in the future to make sure that crap never makes it into my diet again!

And if I thought that a bit of food grade preservative was bad, just imagine what happened to me when I had to take 2000mg (yes… not a typo… TWO THOUSAND mg) of a prescription…in one dose… nothing good!  I was hesitant to take it in the first place and when the doctor put the pill bottle in my hand, I swear I could feel it burning a hole… not putting crap into your body on a daily basis means that when you have to take a foreign substance like a prescription, it does a number on your mental health.  Not to mention that I know that most prescription pills are full of gluten and other disgusting filler products… No wonder I felt like crap almost straight away!

I did finally, a few hours later convince myself to take it and I think I got every stinking side effect that was listed on the internet plus all the ones from consuming the ‘filler’.  That was three days ago and it’s still in there, messing things up.  I have a ripping headache, everything tastes metallic, I can’t sleep, my eyes hurt, I’m exhausted and my digestion is… for lack of a better, altho ironic word, crap.  Or a lack of crap.  It sucks.

All this being said, I’m not feeling very awesome and I foresee maybe not feeling super great this weekend… I can’t just sleep all day both days because that doesn’t make me feel better and as mentioned, I can’t really sleep anyway.  So I’ve devised a plan to keep myself relaxed and occupied this weekend… 

Tonight after work Sam and I are going to the USA… I have nothing really special I need but I can get my eggs/produce there instead of Costco for the week and it’ll be a fun trip… 

On Saturday morning I am going to get up at a reasonable hour (read around 8ish), make myself a nice breakfast and then go get a pedicure with a friend.  Then I’m going to make my way downtown to see if I can find some nice fabric to make a couple ‘dressier’ headbands because I’ve discovered that I like the style of soft wide headbands on me… and THEN I’m going to go to Button Button and find a nice button to strategically place over the moth hole in my favorite alpaca scarf that I knit last year.

If I can find some nice fabric, then I’ll be making headbands and I might finally sew up my replacement skirt if I go to the trouble to drag the sewing machine out… in there somewhere I’m going to go and lay out for a while to try and even out my tan. 

On Sunday I am going to go for a run on the seawall.  It will be lovely and cool at 8am and the seawall is pretty much flat as a pancake so that’ll be quite nice as opposed to when I normally run uphill for the first half and downhill for the second half. I might spend a tiny bit of time on Saturday buying a new pair of runners and then break them in on Sunday morning… I’m wondering if I can get away with buying runners that don’t necessarily fit my orthotics since I don’t have knee problems anymore thanks to Whole30. 

Anyway, I’m going to keep nice and busy this weekend and get some stuff done and feel good about being alive and living in a beautiful city during a spell of beautiful weather.